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Purpose Driven

Everything at Starlings has a meaning: our team, our products, our partners; and everything is about having better and more accessible technology for all travel agencies around the world

Industry Natives

We live and breathe this wonderful industry. We are not a software company developing travel solutions, we are a travel company reshaping the tech capabilities for our users. Allowing them to provide the best experience to their clients.

User Centric

Not an objective but a starting point. First, we understand the pain or the necessity of the industry and then we develop and bring support.

Tech Challengers

We've been challenging travel industry pre concepts for over a decade. There is always room for improvement and that is what we do every day: ask ourselves how can we do it better or, even better, how can we make it possible!

Create and Simplify

Creating a toolkit is not good enough if only a few can use it. All our products must be intuitive so they can be easily adopted by any travel company.

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Leisure, corporates, OTAs, consolidators and global tour operators


Flights platform that allows travel agencies to manage and automate the entire operation in one place. Additionally, it has the largest variety of connections available for efficient content delivery

Powerful bed bank with the best capabilities and content in LATAM.

Revenue optimization platform that continuously search for better rates, allowing travel agencies to improve margins over 5% over confirmed bookings.

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